Municipal Court


The Townships of Liberty, Harmony, Franklin and Frelinghuysen have entered into a shared agreement with the Town of Belvidere for the provision of Municipal Court services.

The Municipal Court hears all violations of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Code, disorderly and disorderly persons offenses, quasi criminal matters and violations of Town Code Ordinances.  The court offers a Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) to aid in resolving minor disputes. Complaints of a more serious nature, i.e., indictable charges are initially filed with the municipal court and are then forwarded to the Office of the County Prosecutor. There it is determined whether the case will be disposed of at the county level, or it will be downgraded and returned to the municipal court for disposition.

The judicial staff of the Municipal Court are employees of the Town of Belvidere through a shared services agreement, but they are governed by the rules of the Court as determined by the State of New Jersey Supreme Court.

Court Dates: 1st and 2nd Tuesdays of each month unless scheduled otherwise


Tara Caffarelli, Certified Municipal Court Administrator

Andrea Dorcas, Violations Clerk

Nicole Lenar, Municipal Judge

Steven Siegel, Municipal Prosecutor