Building Department

Ralph Price - Construction Official/Building Inspector

Andrew Melendez - Zoning Official

Ralph Price - Electrical Inspector

Ralph Price - Plumbing Inspector

Karl McAleer - Fire Inspector

Becky Hosterman - Construction Department Secretary

Information can be obtained by contacting the Construction Department Secretary Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

(908) 475-5331


When a Building Permit is Required

New Construction Requiring Permits


Any type of new building- #
In ground lawn sprinkler system
Radon mitigation work
Oil / gas tank removal
New residential dwelling- # Finished basement / attic- # Add water connection Oil / gas tank installation
Additions- # Paneling Fire / burglary system Water treatment systems
Dormers Fireplace / woodstove Sheds- # Wood burning stoves
Demolition of a structure Pole Barn- # Run-In sheds- # Hot Tubs- #
Decks Hot water heater Indoor Riding Arena- # Generator-* #
All new Electrical and/or Plumbing work Furnace / boiler Tent over 900 sq ft-# #= Town Zoning Approval
Fences exceeding 6 feet-# Add new Air Conditioning Pool Installations-* #  


Repair or Replacement Requiring Permits


Air Conditioning Windows if not the same size
Boiler / Furnace Propane tanks (if outside)
Gas Piping Replacement of shower valve
Upgrade / or / replace electrical service Relining chimney
Replacement roofing Alteration of kitchen or bathroom
Vinyl / aluminum / wood siding  

Plan Review

Plan review may take up to 20 business days. If the documents do not comply, the applicant will be notified of the violations, and corrected documents will have to be submitted.

Inspections Required


Footing - prior to pouring concrete
Insulation inspection - prior to sheetrock
Foundation wall - prior to backfill Final electric, plumbing, fire and building
Rough plumbing and electric prior to framing inspection  

Emergency Repairs

When a condition occurs that affects the environmental conditions of an occupied space, that condition may be considered an Emergency Repair. The replacements of a furnace or hot water heater are examples. When this happens you are required to call the Construction Office to obtain and pay for a permit within 5 business days after the work is completed.

Ordinary Repairs NOT Requiring Permits


The replacement of any glass with the same type; installation or replacement of any door or window, as long as the net clear opening of the window is not reduced, and no wood framing members are added or removed.

The repair or replacement of

  • Gutters & leaders

  • Any one plumbing fixture or faucet except shower valves

  • Any electrical receptacle, switch, or light fixture except GFI circuits.

  • The replacement of a smoke detector with a similar detector.


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